Question: What interesting places could we go on in school trips?

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  1. I always liked getting out into the countryside – there is a huge amount of wildlife to be seen if you are careful. Although, you can also see a lot of wildlife around your town and even in your school.

    One crazy option that may actually be possible for a school trip in the future is a trip into space:

    This won’t happen while you’re at school but for schools in the future who knows…? They are actually taking bookings at the moment for trips – they are very expensive though but perhaps if you asked your teacher really nicely they might let you…. 😉


  2. I agree with Edd – anywhere where there’s wildlife is always worth a visit! Is there a nature reserve or a national park near you? Maybe you could go on a trip there.

    It’s also worth visiting museums, I used to go on school trips to a natural history museum near me and I learned a lot. Also, there are lots of hands-on style science centres around these days. I’m not sure where you live but I’m sure there’s a good chance there’ll be somewhere like that near you.


  3. Yep, agree with Edd and Zara- museums or to some nature reserve. I remember a geography field trip to look at river banks! that was pretty interesting- see all sorts of water creatures living there that I have never seen before!!


  4. If you are studying geology or ecology, a trip to the countryside or the coast would be great. There are lots of interesting things to see and relate back to your lessons.

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